Star Wars, new trilogy: Movies much cheaper than previous


The Disney studios will lower the budget for their future Star Wars films, and this is only a bonus for the saga: we tell you why!

Cost of producing A New Hope in 1977: $ 11 million. Cost of Force Awakening, The Last Jedi, and The Ascension of Skywalker in recent years: between $ 200 and $ 300 million per episode! In the space of three decades, the Star Wars saga has become a blockbuster factory. Above all, it could turn out to be a real financial pit for Disney, if they continue to invest as much money in each of their cinematographic projects related to this distant universe! Fortunately, according to Jason Ward, the editor of Making Star Wars, the big-eared studios will cut their spending down during the development of the new trilogy. What could be an opportunity to look at Dark Bane and the Rule of Two, for example.

“We should have news on the development of these current productions very soon. Overall, my sources at Pinewood expect these films to be much cheaper in the future after the global pandemic. generally speaking, some of my sources expect the next Star Wars movies to be smaller and more intimate blockbusters, due to the economic downturns the world has experienced. Not exactly the worst news either, if you consider the cost of A New Hope and even Batman (1989), compared to the films released in 2019 “he explains on his site. An evil for a good, since a reduction in the budget of the films in the saga, should have beneficial repercussions on their writing and their atmosphere. Who says reduced cost says less unnecessary battles and action scenes, and more relationships between the characters! Something to distance us from the disappointing Skywalker’s Ascension, whose crazy theory goes so far as to say that Palpatine’s soul has managed to penetrate Rey’s body.

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