“Star Wars” needs a prequel of Darth Maul, where he hunts dark Jedi


Darth Maul, the most iconic addition to the Star Wars franchise thanks to the prequel trilogy, has lived a surprisingly long time since then. Despite being split in half by Obi-Wan Kenobi in The Hidden Menace, Darth Maul survived both the main continuity and the Star Wars Legend canon, founding a crime syndicate known as Crimson Dawn as part of his second rise to power. However, there are periods of Mole’s life that still hold the potential for amazing stories, and one concept from the former Expanded Universe is the perfect way to explore them.

The expanded universe of “Star Wars”, now “Legends of Star Wars”, is the collective name of related comics, books, games, radio performances and much more, expanding the canon of the original films and prequels of “Star Wars”. However, prior to the sequel trilogy, these stories were declared non-canonical, although many ideas and characters have since been re-introduced – an ongoing process, and even basic details, such as the debut of General Grievous, have only recently returned to official continuity. However, this is not a specific Legends story that will benefit the Mall by returning to the canon, but rather an incredibly promising concept.

In “Star Wars: Stories # 24” by Rob Williams and Cully Hamner, “It is noted “Darth Maul is sent on an important mission by Palpatine before the “Phantom Menace”. The Sith Master felt a disturbance in the Force as the gladiator from the Outer Rim planet began to show a greater connection with the dark side of the Force. Palpatine informs Maul that the warrior known as Silus is a problem for the Sith, because although he is not part of their ancient religion, his dark side power threatens to knock the Jedi out of their complacency and return the Sith to their reason. Wanting to catch the Jedi by surprise, Palpatine orders Darth Maul to execute Silus, eliminating the possibility that his presence on the dark side will interfere with the larger goals of the Sith.

In the end, Darth Maul is upset to learn that Palpatine is considering recruiting Silus as his new apprentice, killing a dark side user to maintain his position. However, the idea of sending Darth Maul to destroy the dark Jedi (a name for users of the dark side who are not specific followers of the Sith religion) has huge potential, especially since the story of Silus is not part of today’s official canon of “Star Wars”. The current continuity shows that Palpatine sent Maul (or allowed him to perform) many missions simply to hone his skills and occupy him, and Maul resisted intergalactic predators, pirates and even Jedi Padawans, while keeping his Sith nature a secret. a condition that often limited the weapons and tactics he could use. It makes sense that towards the end of his training — a period when there is room for new stories — Palpatine set him this mission to make sure that his rise to power goes according to plan.

“Star Wars” may even tell this story in flashbacks, depicting Darth Maul’s actions with “Crimson Dawn,” in much the same way that the ongoing “Star Wars: Obi-Wan” tells the stories of his early life on Tatooine in the form of memories of older Jedi. Although it may be burdensome if Mol tracks down several unrelated adherents of the dark side, contrasting him with a disparate group (for example, the Knights of Ren — recent favorites in Marvel comics) will help define this period of his life as lonely. missions and explain why he is so skilled when finally facing a well-trained Jedi. The parallel training of Mole with his rise as a crime boss offers many storytelling opportunities, and also makes it easy to keep the fan-favorite villain immersed in the action.

Appearing at the end of Solo: Star Wars. Adapting his “Star Wars Legend” mission to destroy the inconvenient dark Jedi is a great opportunity to fill in the gaps in Darth Maul’s story while simultaneously demonstrating the acrobatic fights for which the character was originally so beloved.


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