Star Wars May Win New Game On Quantic Dream, Rumor Points Out


Star Wars: Quantic Dream, the studio best known for its abuse allegations for developing interactive dramas like Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human may be in charge of Star Wars‘ newest video game project! At least that’s what a recent rumor points to.

The rumor began to circulate through YouTuber Gautoz, and was later endorsed by the respected Tom Henderson of the Dualshockers website. According to the duo, for at least 18 months the studio has been working in partnership with Lucasfilm to give life to their new project, which has not had further details revealed about its plot, setting or even genre.

According to Henderson, “It’s still unclear what exactly these 18 months of work encompass, and some rumors suggest the French studio may have started work on real development just a few months ago.” The most curious thing here is what Quantic Dream’s own profile had liked Henderson’s post!

Adding this like to Henderson’s good reputation and hitting tradition, while it’s best to keep some skepticism for now, there seems to be good reason to believe the rumours! Especially now that Disney is looking for more studios to work on Star Wars games, such as Massive, after the end of the exclusive deal with EA.

Would you like to see this rumor come true? What is your favorite title released by Quantic Dream? Let us know in the comments below!


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