Star Wars: Mark Hamill Pays Beautiful Tribute To Princess Leia


Few distributions are as united as that of Star Wars. Mark Hamill paid tribute to his late partner, Carrie Fisher.

It has been three years since Carrie Fisher died. But the memories of Princess Leia’s interpreter in Star Wars are still vivid among her colleagues. Actor Mark Hamill paid tribute to him this week.

December 27, 2016. Iconic Carrie Fisher dies of a heart attack. She leaves all Star Wars fans orphaned, but not only that! Three years after his disappearance, his partner on the screen is still upset. Staying very close to the American actress, Mark Hamill interpreted his brother Luke Skywalker on the screen. It is therefore natural that he wanted to pay tribute to his partner on the anniversary of his death.

It was therefore this Friday that the 68-year-old actor posted a message on his Twitter account to pay tribute to the interpreter of Princess Leia in the Star Wars saga. “In memory of our Princess Carrie Fisher,” he posted a few photos of his friend and playmate in captions.

Mark Hamill has therefore published several photos of Carrie Fisher. One of them represents the actress when she started in Star Wars. Another shows it older, in one of the last films of the saga. Luke Skywalker’s quote to his sister “No one ever really goes away” completes this moving montage. Two drawings complete the actor’s message. One of them is particularly touching. It indeed represents Luke depositing a kiss on the forehead of his sister.

The actor was not the only one to pay tribute to Carrie Fisher. Her daughter sent a touching message to her Instagram followers. Billie Lourd posted a photo of her baby in the arms of her mother and grandmother. The latter was the legendary Debbie Reynolds (Singing in the Rain). She died a day after her daughter.


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