Star Wars: The Luminous Project finally has a release date!


Notice to Star Wars fans! The release date of the Lumineux project finally revealed! Indeed, yesterday we learned that this great project will be available from February 24! Only 25 days left and the project will be everywhere!

The Luminous project will know new protagonists and places. The events will take place in a very distant galaxy. This project will allow fans to discover new stories that will remain consistent with the mythical universe of Star Wars! We remember the failure in the 90’s of “Shadow of the Empire” produced by LucasFilm.

This new attempt by Disney should be a success! This project will finally finally link all of the comics with series and films . The goal of this decade for Walt Disney is to successfully expand the universe beyond the big screen. This project should therefore please and surprise more than one! Especially since this new story will take place without the Skywalker clan! The release will arrive much faster than the new trilogy!

Thus, the Luminous project will show the Star Wars universe without Anakin, Ben Solo, Leia, Han or even Luke . Even if leaving these famous protagonists will be difficult, fans will discover new ones! T he stories of the project will combine comics books and novels! They will be written by screenwriters (Claudia Gray, Justina Ireland, Daniel José Older, Cavan Scott, Charles Soule).

Many hypotheses have been launched by fans of Star Wars! The Luminous project therefore opens the way to potential new plots. With this project, it’s the end of the Skywalker era! Many wonder how can we talk about Star Wars without this family? All the surprise of this project is in this question!


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