“Star Wars: Legends” — one quote from each main character contradicting their personality


Legends’ Star Wars stories may no longer be canon, but they certainly aren’t forgotten. Indeed, some characters or arcs of the previous expanded universe have returned to influence the current galaxy far, far away due to the popularity of these plot decisions. Among these books, comics, video games and other materials, there are really iconic personalities.

From time to time, a quote appears that completely challenges the personality of these beloved characters. A moment of kindness, a brief fit of rage. Whatever it is, no matter what emotions these lines of text are guided by, these quotes should not be perceived as the sum of the characters from whom they originated.

Lack of Planning: Darth Palgeis (2008)
“Uncertainty is the first step to self—determination”.

In the book “Star Wars: Darth Plagueis” by James Luceno, published by Del Rey, the relationship between the Sith master and the apprentice is traced. Palpatine, the future Emperor, learned a lot from Plagueis, who, in turn, planned the future in advance.

And yet one teaching stands out among them. Perhaps that’s why Palpatine himself ignored it, but, uncharacteristically, Plagueis said that “Uncertainty is the first step to self—determination.” However, both Sith users acted with complete foresight and the knowledge that there must always be a plan to capture the future they desire; there was no room for uncertainty. Every emotion and decision had to be precise.

Kenobi’s Changing Family: Kenobi (2013)
“Now I don’t have this house. I don’t have that family. Almost all the friends I’ve ever had are dead.”

Kenobi, written by John Jackson Miller and published by Del Rey, sought to explore the life of Obi-Wan after the execution of Order 66. The series is on Disney+ Obi-Wan Kenobi contributed to some of these legends inspired by them. and redefinition of some elements visible on the page.

Kenobi in the book remarks about the loss of family and home. However, in the canon, Kenobi continues to see the Lares, Skywalkers, and Organas as his family, beginning to form a bond with Luke and Leia, respectively. This is an atypical moment of utter despair for Kenobi, who often hopes so much. Nevertheless, this is an emotion that he is also working on in Legends.

Thrawn’s Ego: Heir to the Empire (1991)
“I have no doubt that I will accept a useful idea just because it does not belong to me. My position and ego are not at stake here.”

The Thrawn narrative “Heir to the Empire”, written by Timothy Zahn and published by Bantam Spectra, was one of the most influential works in the expanded universe. He continued the story of the Skywalkers and introduced the villain Thrawn to the audience for the first time.

However, there is a specific quote that seems inappropriate. Every choice Thrawn made depended on his ego and position. He had to fight harder than anyone else to take the position he holds in the Empire. He always listened to the advice of those who were on his bridge, but in any situation he is under closer attention than most others. Perhaps he is trying to calm down his team, or maybe for a moment he forgets about the burden on his shoulders.

Luke’s Curiosity: Heir to the Empire (1991)
“Fear and anger, Yoda often warned him, were slaves to the dark side. Vaguely, Luke wondered which side curiosity was on.”

Again, it’s not difficult to get a Heir To The Empire for incredible moments. But Luke Skywalker has a lot of internal upheavals related to the nature of the Jedi and their teachings. He is still trying to understand the subtleties of the emotional state that people have to balance.

He is ironically curious about the curiosity he is thinking about. However, in all the teachings of the Jedi, and even in the teachings of Luke himself, curiosity was encouraged. He knows that there is nothing to be afraid of, first of all, his curiosity about his own heritage guides his journey. It’s the curiosity he eventually instills in Rey in the canon. He already had the answer to his question, but maybe he didn’t have enough self-belief to believe in it.

Malgus’s Goal: Deceived (2011)
“I fight because this is what I was created for, and the Empire is a tool with which I realize my goal. The Empire is a manifesto of war. That’s why she’s perfect.”

Darth Malgus is one of the most difficult Sith lords in the history of Star Wars. He was driven by rage and passion, and maintained an emotional relationship with bounty hunter Elina Daru, who fought alongside him. He saw his goal in the force and the destruction of the Jedi. In addition, he also devoted a lot of time to love.

The idea that he can be reduced to a purely military being does not allow us to fully understand what he is capable of or what a character is.