Star Wars Legend Deletes Facebook Account as a Response to Mark Zuckerberg


Mark Hamill, one of the iconic figures in the cult science fiction series Star Wars, announced that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will delete his Facebook account to protest the decision to allow all political ads, including lies and propaganda, on the platform.

In addition to being the largest social media platform in the world, Facebook, a huge ecosystem for news and advertising, continues to react with its new advertising policy. The company, led by Mark Zuckerberg, announced that all political advertisements on the platform would be allowed because it is part of freedom of expression.

Now, a reaction to Facebook’s controversial step came from American actor Mark Hamill, known for his Luke Skywalker character in the Star Wars series. Experienced players who are very active on social media and never hesitate to share their views, said Facebook CEO Zuckerberg decided to delete his Facebook account because of disappointing statements.

Orum I know the world won’t care. But now I will sleep more comfortably at night. Ünlü however, Hamill is accidentally using the Malaysian flag instead of the US flag.

Political ads are part of freedom of expression, according to Facebook
This tweet by Hamill soon attracted great attention, and many of his followers supported the decision of the famous actor. The social media giant, Twitter, announced in October 2019 that it banned all political advertisements from the platform. This led to a new front in the cold war between Zuckerberg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

Facebook’s Product Management Director Rob Leathern said that the new advertising policy is based on the principle of freedom of expression. However, this decision may open the door to new problems, so that ads will be served to users without passing through the accuracy filter. Facebook now has such a power that it affects the people around you, their behavior, decisions and even who they vote for.

Most companies, especially Facebook, respond to content alerts and requests for deletion: Freedom of expression. It is up to you to see how sincere and real Facebook is that every user should have an untouchable freedom of expression.


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