Star Wars KOTOR: Bastilla’s Original Voice Confirmed in Remake


Announced yesterday (9), during PlayStation Showcase, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake will rebuild the original game from scratch, with a revamped look and gameplay redesigned for the most modern gaming standards. But not everything will be completely new, as the teaser unveiled at the PlayStation event was narrated by a very familiar voice.

Ryan Treadwell, producer of the remake, confirmed that the narration for the video was done by none other than Jennifer Hale, the voice actor for Bastilla Shan, one of the protagonists of the original KotoR. “I can confirm it’s [the voice of] Jennifer Hale,” Treadwell said in a post on the Star Wars franchise website.

And it doesn’t stop there: the producer also stated that “more familiar voices” will be back in the new version of the game, indicating the return of other voice actors who also worked on the classic game, developed by Bioware and released in 2003.

Produced by Aspyr, the KotoR remake tells a story that takes place 4,000 years before the events seen in the original Star Wars trilogy. According to Treadwell, fans can rest assured that the developer is remaking the RPG “for a new generation, with modern technology, features, visuals, and much more, while maintaining the integrity of the story and characters we love so much.”

Still no release date, Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic Remake will have versions for PS5 and PC.


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