Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 Darth Nikhilus reflects the Jedi exile

In Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2, players will face three Sith lords: Treya Darth, Lord of Treachery (known as Kreya), Darth Sion (Lord of Pain) and Darth Nikhilus (Lord of Hunger). Players learn about these characters throughout the game, but because they are so detailed, it’s easy to miss some details.
Darth Nikhilus may be physically one of the strongest Sith lords in the Star Wars franchise. Exiled Knights of the Old Republic 2, he embodies the power of the Sith and the ultimate goal of the Jedi exile, until the plans of Kreia are revealed. It works so well because in many ways Darth Nikhilus and the main character Jedi Exile are two sides of the same coin. If someone chooses the Dark Side of Kotor 2, he is, in fact, following the same path as Nikhilus.
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Star Wars: KOTOR 2 — Two Wounds in Force
The origin of Darth Nikhilus is hinted at only before Malakor B, which is the same with the Exiled Jedi. Players know that she followed Revan in the Mandalorian Wars, but little is known before that. Similarly, all the players really know about the origin of Nikhilus is that he was a man, a man, a Sith lord who lost everything during the Galactic Republic’s war with the Mandalorians. He was on Malacor V and when the Mass Shadow Generator went off, and like the Jedi Exile from Kotor 2, this experience turned him into a Force Wound.
choosing to return to the light or follow the path to the Dark Side-The Exile will slowly reconnect with the Force throughout the events of KOTOR 2, choosing to return to the light or follow the path to the Dark Side, but in Nikhilus it manifested a little differently. His wound made him crave the energy of Power, so matching his title of Hunger Lord, he was essentially devouring Power. This ailment tormented him painfully until Darth Treya took him as an apprentice and taught him how to satisfy his endless hunger. With her, he will become a more powerful Sith Lord, and at the same time unique — he will lose his body and become a “living”, empty being.
His strength would soon increase rapidly, as would the Exile a few years later. While she will somehow reunite with the Force, he will take her, eat her, bend her to his will. He and Darth Sion eventually betrayed Treya, as all Sith Lords eventually betray their Masters, as will happen, as KOTOR 2 will happen. Together, Zion and Nikhilus cut her off from the Force. At first, the Exile believed that the Jedi had done this to her, which is not true, and this goes back to how this action was taken by Nikhilus.
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KOTOR 2: The Exile and Nikhilus go the same way on the dark side
Literally dissolved into Nikhilus himself, binding his spirit with his mask and armor, and the same metaphorically happens with the Exile in Kotor 2. He began to devour worlds, being so powerful in the Force that he could raise a fleet from the wreckage of Malacor from V — all the destroyed ships — to help him. There is some similarity in this with exile.
Although she quickly makes connections through the Force, her Dark Side path in KOTOR 2 shows that she abuses them all for her own gain. Nikhilus devours; she takes. She manipulates others by immersing herself in herself, and from the dark side and the word Jedi does the same with her allies, such as the Mandalorians and the Republic sometimes. Nikhilus controls death; she manipulates life. The two will meet, and no matter how different the two Wounds are in Strength, the Exile prevails.
It is worth mentioning one more detail: viz Marr from Kotor 2. Although they say that Nikhilus does not feel anything, this does not apply to Visas Marr, and her betrayal hurts him very much. Kreia’s betrayal reflects this, as do other potential betrayals throughout the game. In short, both in their thirst for power will face betrayal again and again, and it will sting.
Canonically, it is worth mentioning that the Jedi exile returns to the light and regains the title of Jedi. Thus, she and Nikhilus are two sides of the same coin. She heals; he dies. Her Wound in the Force is filled with connections; his consumes him whole. The exile is able to forgive herself for what happened on Malacor V, and his spirit is forever attached to him. But there is no denying how easily an Exile could become a Nikhilus, since this is a viable option for passing KOTOR 2 The Dark Side.
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 is available on Mobile, PC, Switch and Xbox.