Star Wars Kingdom Hearts World Should Focus on the Original Trilogy


Having become a pop culture icon in the late 1970s and 1980s, “Star Wars” made a grand comeback in the late 20th century thanks to “Episode 1: The Hidden Menace.” This brought the franchise back into the spotlight in the 2000s, but often at its expense, given how much ridicule was thrown at the prequel trilogy. Less than a decade after the release of Episode 3, George Lucas sold his franchise to the Walt Disney Company, which went on to produce the Star Wars sequel trilogy, which arguably caused more sarcasm and controversy among fans than the prequels.

In addition to the mixed reception of prequels and sequels, the toxic history of the Star Wars fandom is often one of the reasons why the original trilogy is the only consistently revered part of the series. Since it’s now owned by Disney, Star Wars could potentially turn into Kingdom Hearts 4, and it’s one of the most sought-after worlds among fans. At the same time, if Kingdom Hearts wants the world of “Star Wars” to work, at the moment it is better to rely on the original trilogy.

The advantages of a narrow view of “Star Wars”

Kingdom Hearts has become a memorable series over its two decades of existence, and owes much of its recognition to its absurd premise. Disney’s themed worlds may polarize many Kingdom Hearts fans, but it’s hard to find a person who claims the series would be better off without them. One of the reasons why Disney worlds are often criticized is that they do not play an important role in the already ambitious and strange plot of Kingdom Hearts. In addition, in-game quest lines are usually nothing more than diluted retellings of original films.

Given that these problems are evident primarily in individual Disney films, it is easy to understand why the world of “Star Wars” in the future Kingdom Hearts game may go astray and become catastrophic. Most of the most iconic characters and scenery of the saga come from the original trilogy. Regardless of whether someone is playing the game a Star Wars fan or a casual passerby with basic knowledge of the franchise, both audiences can appreciate the Star Wars-style level in Kingdom Hearts, which mostly matches the characters and themes that made the series so successful. c.

Even without taking into account issues such as audience accessibility, the Star Wars universe is huge. Additional media takes advantage of this expanded universe, but it’s hard to imagine a potential storyline that honors the originality of the additional material without creating even more confusion in the overloaded narrative. Kingdom Hearts worlds are very rarely influenced by anything other than the original films, which made the audience fall in love with their characters from the very beginning. If the world of “Star Wars” gave priority to the original trilogy, it would be more useful for the writers and would properly emulate the spirit of Kingdom Hearts.

Unlike most Disney-owned properties, Star Wars can support itself with stories in many environments. Kingdom Hearts could make an entire game consisting only of unique levels based on the scenes and locations of “Star Wars”. However, the original trilogy featured characters, soundtrack, locations, and weapons that everyone around the world is familiar with. Not only are his subsequent films too controversial to satisfy the fandom in such a short adaptation, the original trilogy provides plenty of material to work with and create a satisfying experience.

Kingdom Hearts 4 is in development.