Star Wars Jedi Outcast Receives Ray Tracing Support Via Fan Mod


Long ago, in a distant galaxy, LucasArts launched one of the most acclaimed games in the Star Wars franchise. Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast fell in love with fans right away, and now, almost 20 years after his original release, he is coming back in a new guise thanks to the work of the community!

Modder Zyanide took the 2002 title and spent a lot of time applying new systems to allow the entire campaign to be compatible with modern Ray Tracing effects. Check out the impressive result in this trailer:

On his official website, Zyanide explained that “I’ve always considered ray tracing to be the pinnacle of graphics, and now that they can be done in real time, I wanted to learn as much about this new technology. A few months before the launch of RTX cards, I found out that the Jedi Outcast code was open and, as I like the game, I brought the two together “.

Unfortunately it will take some time for us to install the mod, as Zyanide continues to work on the improvements, but what we’ve seen so far already looks very promising! You


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