Star Wars by JD Dillard and Matt Owens : How good can it be?


Star Wars by JD Dillard and Matt Owens : How good can it be? Here we give you the details of the same Luke Cage director.

According to reports, The Hollywood Reporter said the director of the new Star Wars movie can be JD Dillard and Matt Owens, who latter on previous occasions he directed the series of Netflix of the superhero Luke Cage , however it is not clear whether the film It will be a premiere for cinemas or for the Disney + streaming platform .

With Lucasfilm planning the next phase of films of Star Wars, executives trying to decide which characters and stories are suitable for theaters and what would be best for Disney +.

Dillard wrote and directed the science fiction thriller Sleight , and although he is half of the team that develops this new Star Wars film , it’s not clear if it will be him who directs it if the project advances.

At the moment, the production of Star Wars tapes is in Hiatus until 2021, Disney + will be our main Star Wars livelihood from 2 years into the future.

Sleight is an American science fiction film that was premiered worldwide at the Sundance Film Festival in 2016 .


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