Star Wars: Immortal Vader, Available Now for PlayStation Vr


The bundle that includes the Star Wars: Vader Immortal trilogy of episodes is now available for PlayStation VR. This is his new trailer.

Star Wars: Immortal Vader is available now for PlayStation VR. Although at first it came exclusively for the Oculus Store, in the last State of Play we knew of its landing on PS4. That day has already come: you can get it on the PlayStation Store for € 26.99.

Immortal Vader includes all three episodes originally released separately for Oculus Quest and Oculust Rift. In the first, you will go through Vader’s fortress accompanied by your copilot droid, Z0-E3; in the second, the fearsome Sith Lord will guide us through confrontations against terrifying creatures “below the surface of the planet”, at the same time that we will learn to master the Force. Finally, the third episode is focused on putting into practice everything we have learned so far: the fate of Mustafar will be in your hands.

Size and new trailer

As stated in the product description, each episode includes a Lightsaber Dojo, a kind of training mode in which “hone your skills with the weapon of the Jedi Knights.” We will unlock new grips during the process. Along with its publication, a new trailer has been released in which to learn more about the threats on our way.

Playing Star Wars: Immortal Vader on PS4 will require a PlayStation VR device and two PlayStation Move motion controllers, in addition to the PlayStation Camera. All the voices will be dubbed only in English, while the texts of the three episodes are completely localized to Spanish.

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The file size will be 12.5 GB. You can find it at this link.

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