“Star Wars” has already proved that midi-chlorians are not a source of power


The Star Wars prequel trilogy introduced the concept of midi-Chlorians into the franchise, and while it was a controversial move, the Legends-era comic proves that these microscopic life forms were not the true source of Power. Many viewers disagreed with the seemingly scientific explanation of the Force when it was usually perceived as a mystical phenomenon. The continuity of the Expanded Universe of Star Wars (which became an alternative timeline of Legends in 2014) proves that this is not exactly the case when midi-chlorians are introduced to a non-user of the Force, leaving his connection with the energy field unchanged.

In Star Wars: Episode I. Hidden Threat” Qui-Gon Jinn tests the blood of a young Anakin Skywalker for the presence of midi-chlorians to assess his potential strength in the Force. He later explains them to Skywalker, describing them as having a symbiotic relationship with the creatures they live in, and that one can connect with the Force by “listening” to them. The Force was described in spiritual terms throughout the original Star Wars trilogy, but the midi-Chlorians seemed to contradict this, making the Force too mundane for many viewers.

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“The Eyes of Revolution,” a short story by Warren Fu in Star Wars: The Seers, puts the midi-Chlorians’ relationship with the Force to the test, as the preserved corpse of Jedi master Saifo-Diaz is used to give the dying General Grievous a blood transfusion. Despite the fact that Saifo-Diaz and Grievous belong to different species, blood transfusion helps Kalish survive near-fatal injuries, allowing him to be reconstructed into a cyborg who, although undeniably deadly, is no stronger in Strength than he was before his Shuttle was bombed. In the fact that Grievous possesses midi-Chlorians, history suggests that microscopic creatures are a simple means of measuring abilities. According to the legends of the franchise up to this point, the loss of body weight does not weaken the connection with the Force, and injections of midi-chlorians do not strengthen it.

The definition of the Force and its dark side is well explained in “New Hope” and “The Empire Strikes Back.” The force is created and nourished by all living beings, which presumably include midi-chlorians and their carriers. While some creatures have a stronger connection to the Force than others, anyone can learn to use its power with proper training and discipline. Grievous could use the Force (albeit with difficulty) before and after his cybernetic reconstruction.

This is also demonstrated in numerous canonical stories and stories from the “Legends of Star Wars”, in which Darth Vader appears. Despite the absence of all four limbs and death on Mustafar, the iconic Sith lord remained one of the most powerful beings in the galaxy. Darth Vader and General Grievous had the number of midi-chlorians significantly changed, but both retained a connection with the Force in their respective appearances in Star Wars.