Star Wars: Fans Promote a Hashtag To Make Solo 2 a Reality


Star Wars: This film was one of the triggers for Lucasfilm’s change of strategy, which was planning different spin-off films.When Disney acquired Lucasfilm, they presented an ambitious roadmap that contemplated both the continuation of the classic trilogy and other spin-offs in film format. Rogue One and Han Solo: A Star Wars Story were the only products of this style to be released in theaters, in large part due to production problems and the response at the box office of the latter film. Despite the fact that certain products have been converted into series, nothing is known about a possible sequel to Solo. However, the fans have not stood idly by.

Under the hashtag # MakeSolo2Happen, fans of the film have asked Lucasfilm to take the step and think about the possibility of continuing the product. “It only deserves a Disney + series. There are a lot of bounty hunter / crime syndicate moments that would fit perfectly with a new Han and Chewie adventure, ”says one of them. Another fan comments that he would love to see the first meeting between Jabba, and Han Solo and even pieces of concept art made by fans have been shared.


He has only been very lonely at Disney

The truth is that Disney made public its plans for the next Star Wars projects, many of them designed directly for its platform. However, there is no trace of anything related to Solo 2. What they do outline is a series dedicated to Lando, although it has not been revealed whether Donald Glover will be in charge of giving life to the young version of this character.

As for the products already announced, Variety recently mentioned that Rangers of the New Republic, one of The Mandalorian spin-offs, is not yet in active development. They have not provided any additional details, so it is unknown if their future is in jeopardy or not. It was never revealed that Gina Carano, the interpreter of Cara Dune, would have a leading role in that series, but the actress was fired after comments on social networks.


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