Star Wars fan creates lightsaber and the result is incredible


Since the launch of Star Wars in 1977, the lightsabers used by the Jedi have become a hallmark of the franchise and an icon of cinema. The neon light sword has become the object of desire for countless fans around the world, and many of them even decide to build their own saber.

This was the case of ex-engineer and youtuber, James Hobson, who shared a video on the platform showing what he called “the first real lightsaber”. According to him, the sword works with compressed liquid propane gas and is capable of cutting titanium, but it must be connected to the outlet at all times. Check the result:

Although the hype over the most well-known weapon in cinema is not new, since the beginning of March, the hashtag “#sabredeluz” is among the most used in TikTok, with 1.9 billion views. Users have shared their homemade versions of the sword with other fans of the saga. For people who are not willing to spend a lot on it, the hashtag also brings together numerous tutorials teaching how to build a personalized and more simplistic saber.

Available for purchase

People who are not committed to building their own lightsaber can purchase the item. In 2019, Disney created a premium experience for Star Wars fans visiting Galaxy Edge, an area with movie-themed attractions. There, it is possible to assemble a personalized lightsaber, choosing the cable and the color of the light beam. The company charges US $ 200 (about R $ 1,160, in the current conversion).


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