Star Wars Eclipse Shouldn’t Be the First High Republic Game


In a market that is already overflowing with Star Wars games, Quantic Dream’s Star Wars Eclipse can offer a refreshing change of pace. The developer, probably best known for the investigative adventure game Heavy Rain and the futuristic game Detroit: Become Human, announced an upcoming Star Wars game during The Game Awards 2021. An extensive narrative that can be experienced through a number of different game characters.

Not much is known about the upcoming game, but most likely it will happen in many years. Naturally, fans have been desperate to fill in the blanks with their assumptions, assumptions, and hopes for a mysterious “Star Wars” eclipse, but it will probably be some time before any of them are confirmed or confirmed. Judging by what players know about Star Wars Eclipse, it seems that the game will move in several interesting directions, including for the first time in a video game, High Republic will appear. This little-used setting should certainly be used more in Star Wars content, and a game with the same setting released in between while fans are waiting for the “Eclipse of Star Wars” may be ideal.

The setting of “Eclipses of Star Wars”

Lucasfilm Games and Quantic Dream have stated that Star Wars Eclipse will focus on an original story with a unique set of characters and explore a brand new High Republic setting. The game will also feature areas of the Outer Ring of the galaxy, as gamers work on selecting playable characters to weave a narrative and achieve a balanced world. As in previous Quantic Dream games, the story of Star Wars Eclipse can be approached in different ways, giving players not only choice, but also freedom in this little-used era.

One of the most interesting aspects of this setting is that it is considered the golden era of the Jedi. Although players have seen the Jedi in varying degrees of prominence, most of the Star Wars content focuses on the destruction of Order 66 and its aftermath, as only a handful of Jedi survive in the galaxy decades later. In the prequel trilogy, viewers get an idea of what the galaxy looks like with the Jedi in power, but already cracks are appearing in their power base when corruption and arrogance seep in. It will be interesting to see this side to the “Star Wars” Canon, where the Jedi that fans think they know can act completely differently than they are used to seeing.

Exploring another Era

The Star Wars canon is incredibly vast—almost more than any other fictional universe in the world—but most of the narrative content released in movies, TV shows, books, comics, and video games tends to focus on a fairly narrow slice of history. . There are, of course, a few exceptions, but most tend to retell the same few decades from different points of view and in different parts of the galaxy, rather than explore some more distant areas of the timeline. Fans know that the films have been fixated on the Skywalker family, and while this has led to some of the most popular films of our time, it also leaves behind a host of other narrative possibilities.

Some games, such as Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, successfully explore eras very different from those that players and viewers are more used to, and show the Star Wars universe thousands of years before Darth Vader put on his helmet and Han Solo at the helm of the Millennium Falcon. The BioWare role-playing game has received critical acclaim and has become a fan favorite since its release in 2003, but it’s easy to see why developers might prefer to stay in the safer and more familiar areas of the impressively long “Star Wars” timeline. However, that’s why a game set in the era of the High Republic can work so well.

While it’s not necessarily a time period that all fans will be familiar with, there are many elements that they will recognize, like the Galactic Republic and the Jedi, and it’s only a few hundred years away from the more popular periods. As already shown in the “Star Wars: Eclipse” trailer, it looks like it will feature both familiar locations and characters, which provides some useful touchstones for building any new story. This mixture of the familiar and the new can be perfect, it allows the story to take risks and reach a new level without being too alien to the audience.

How can a new game fit in

While it’s true that the Era of the High Republic already has many aspects that fans already know, it’s also a vast period that offers many new storytelling opportunities.


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