Star Wars (Disney +): info on the new series in the works!


Thus, Disney + is preparing a new series based on the Star Wars universe. After The Mandalorian, what will this new show be about?

We will therefore be entitled to a new project under the sign of Star Wars. What will this project based on the world of George Lucas films and carried by Disney + talk about?

Leslye Headland just mentioned a project in the pipeline. A series with small onions, concocted by Disney +.

The platform seems to be fond of the Star Wars universe, which it wants to revisit through a new show. A beautiful project under the arms, all in all!

This new baby seems to tease himself little by little and gradually reveals some of his secrets. At least its concept, which is falling apart.

Leslye Headland, director and producer, revealed some things about this new Star Wars, adapted for the small screen. Should we then expect a Mandalorian-style series?

His interview on YouTube teased a universe very close to Star Wars. If the lore is the same, the story will be quite different.


“I would say it takes place in a pocket of the universe,” she told YouTuber Fantastik Frankey. “At a time in the Star Wars timeline that we don’t know much about.”

Mass is therefore said: Disney + will set about telling a very different story, and exploring new horizons. Things “never discussed in the canons of the saga”.

A crazy project, which will delight both neophytes and fans of the world of George Lucas. The producer teases him as “some sort of Indiana Jones” in Star Wars style.

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It remains to be seen what will happen to this show, which we do not know anything about, not even the name or the release date. We also know he will put women in the spotlight!


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