Star Wars: Diego Luna hints at the appearance of K2SO in the second season of Andorra


At the moment, the second season of “Andor” is basically a foregone conclusion, even before the premiere of the first on Disney Plus. Obviously, the creators of the show have plans for the development of the plot in this exciting prequel series “Rogue One: Star Wars: Stories”. But what exactly are some of these plans?

Well, according to the show’s star Diego Luna, at least one exciting comeback may be in the works. In an interview with Total Film from Games Radar, the actor shared some juicy details about the already confirmed second season of this series, preceding Rogue One: Star Wars: Stories. When asked if the witty droid K-2SO (voiced by Alan Tudyk), beloved by fans, will appear in the second season, Luna smiled slyly and confidently answered. “Our next season ends where Rogue One begins, so I think this is the answer to all questions!”

Luna went on to talk about the differences between the version of his character, Cassian Andor, in the series and the one that fans already know from Rogue One and other parts of the Star Wars canon. “It says a lot that his best friend [in the movie] is a droid, you know?” he posed. “Or his only friend, I would say. But in the series, we’ll start with someone who is very different from the quiet, lonely person we meet in Rogue One. We are so far from that in this first season; we have a whole journey ahead of us…” So not only can fans expect to see K-2SO in the second season, but the entire series will give an idea of how much it has changed by then. the events of the film begin.

Andor already has a lot to do. As a direct prequel to Rogue One, it has a built-in fan base ready to go. But even beyond that, his cast has nothing to sneeze at either. One Moon would be enough to guarantee viewing, but other big names will join it, bringing new and returning characters back to the screen. Forest Whitaker is ready for his advertised repression in the role of the rebellious extremist So Guerrera, and Genevieve O’Reilly will again play Senator Mon Mothma. Meanwhile, fans will get to know new characters, including Stellan Skarsgard as Luten Rael and Denise Gough as imperial officer Dedra Miro.

Andor seems ready to offer a new take on Star Wars— from the characters to even the soundtrack. Interestingly, such concepts can be explored in the series, which is essentially a paraphrase of already known elements of the franchise. But it may also be the best way to bring in new ideas. Many fans of “Star Wars”, as you know, do not want to change, so if this happens, a spoonful of familiar sugar can also help the medicine work.

Whether it will be possible to do this is still unclear. But given that showrunner Tony Gilroy already knows exactly how long this will last, it should also mean fewer wasted ideas and a more coherent story. Besides, all those Andorean trailers looked pretty good, right?

The premiere of the first three episodes of Andor will take place on September 21, 2022 on Disney Plus.


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