Star Wars Day: Disney Celebrates May 4 with Crossover With The Simpsons

Star Wars Day: This Tuesday (4), Star Wars fans celebrate “May the 4th”, in honor of the well-known phrase in the franchise “May the force be with you”. This year, to celebrate the date, Disney will launch a project with an unlikely combination: Star Wars and The Simpsons.

The short entitled Maggie Simpson in The Force Awakens Fron Its Nap shows the youngest Simpsons traveling the world of Star Wars in search of their stolen pacifier. Halfway through, she must come face to face with some of the fans’ most beloved characters.

Disney says this is the first in a series of short films involving the Simpsons still for 2021. The company explains that it intends to honor several Walt Disney Company brands with the characters.

More Star Wars Releases

In addition to the short, Disney will also release the Star Wars: The Bad Batch animation, which will revolve around experimental elite clones from the “Bad Lot” (introduced in The Clone Wars) as they find a way to change the galaxy immediately after the previous events. The members of the group – a unique squad that varies genetically from their brothers in the Army of the Clones – have an exceptional ability that turns them into practical, extraordinary and formidable soldiers.

Two other specials will also be available to subscribers: Star Wars Biomes, a virtual tour of famous sites like Hoth and Tatooine, and Star Wars Vehicle Flythroughs, a tour of the Millennium Falcon and an Imperial Star Destroyer.

All specials will be released tomorrow (4) at Disney +.



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