Star Wars: awaits as one of the heroes of the Rebels


Mena Massoud has been linked directly to the character of Ezra Bridges, information that is reinforced after a publication on Instagram.

Kessel Run Transmissions, the specialized podcast that revealed the existence of Star Wars: The Bad Batch before its official announcement, announced that Mena Massoud, the actor who played Aladdin in the flesh and blood version of the character, had been chosen to embody to Ezra Bridger, one of the protagonists of Star Wars: Rebels. Although this news has not been officially confirmed, Massoud has anticipated that possibility on her official Instagram account.

She has done it with an image in which she comes out without a shirt, although the important thing in this regard is not the photograph, but the message that appears underneath. “Hey, just so you know, when I escape I won’t hurt any of you.” What has attracted attention is that this line of dialogue appears literally in Star Wars: Rebels and is pronounced by Ezra himself before escaping from the cell in which the Galactic Empire is holding him captive.

Who is Ezra?

Ezra Bridges is an orphan boy who lives on the planet Lothal. After the disappearance of his parents at the hands of the Empire, the young man crosses the path of Jedi Kanan and his crew, a series of characters who participate in the gestation of the rebellion. The master soon realizes that Ezra is gifted to become a Jedi, so he takes it under his wing in order to transfer all knowledge to him.

With the expansion of the Star Wars universe on Disney +, the paths widen, as well as the appearance of characters from the animated series in the live action ones. Ezra’s relationship with Ahsoka is well known, and this she is going to have a series of her own. As if that weren’t enough, Anakin Skywalker’s former Padakan names Grand Admiral Thrawn in one of The Mandalorian episodes, an antagonist who also has a long history with Ezra.


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