Star Wars and The Simpsons Have A New Crossover on Disney +


Star Wars and the Simpsons: On the occasion of May 4, the day of Star Wars, the platform adds more content related to the galactic saga.May the 4th be with you, today May 4 is the day chosen to celebrate Star Wars day, so Disney + has been decked out to commemorate this date. In addition to the premiere of La Remesa Mala, the new animated series led by Dave Filoni (Clone Wars, Rebels, The Mandolorian), Lucasfilm has posted news in its catalog, including a short of The Simpsons set in the Galactic saga .

Maggie Simpson in Star Wars Nap Awakening lasts just three minutes, enough time to narrate a new adventure starring Homer and Marge’s baby: “In a nursery far, far away, but without leaving Springfield, Maggie embarks on an epic quest for his stolen pacifier. Her adventure leads her to face off with young Padawan, Sith lords, family droids, and rogue scum, and the ultimate fight against the dark side. All in an original short that pays tribute to the Star Wars universe. ”

Two other additions

Star Wars: Biomas invites the viewer to a “virtual vacation” that will take them to visit “some of the most iconic and beloved places in the entire Star Wars saga. Thus, we can visit locations such as Hoth, Tatooine or Sorgan. “In this enchanting series, you will embark on a bird’s eye view of the galaxy far, far away.” Its duration? About 18 minutes.

And it doesn’t end here! In Star Wars: A Spacewalk, we will have the opportunity to discover the most iconic vehicles and ships in the universe created by George Lucas. It has a first season that has received two episodes to date, one dedicated to the Millennium Falcon and another focused on the Death Star of the First Order. In this case, they are very fast trips, since none of the chapters exceed 4 minutes in length.


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