Star Wars and the evolution of spaceship games in space


We review how everything related to battles in space has been changing and evolving with the help of Star Wars.

Although the movies arrived in 1977, the first game did not arrive until the premiere of Return of the Jedi, the last film in the series directed by George Lucas. The good ones for some, the old ones for others, the important thing is that it is clear to you. But it wasn’t until 1983 that Atari made the first arcade game based on Star Wars: A New Hope. From her to Star Wars: Squadrons it has rained a lot.

These first flights put us squarely in the cockpit of an X-Wing to destroy the Death Star. Within the game, they let us choose different difficulties that would reward us with different bonuses to reach the top of the ranking. However, before we had to defeat and dodge the tie fighters, face the defense turrets of the Death Star and infiltrate its structure to end the space installation.

Skipping number 5, Atari earlier released Return of the Jedi in 1984 by leaving vector-based graphics behind and taking battles to the Moon of Endor. A year later the empire struck back, returning to its roots with a steering wheel. Now we improved graphics with a gameplay very similar to the first game, but now, in the cold lands of Hoth. This entire trilogy featured the voices of characters like Luke, Darth Vader or Han Solo and brought their action to consoles years later in a single cartridge.

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