Star Wars: Ahsoka’s actress hints at two important additions


Star Wars: Rosario Dawson echoes the news pointing to Mena Massoud and Lars Mikkelsen as Ezra and Thrawn, respectively. Lucasfilm has not announced anything officially, despite the fact that for some time there have been two names that float in the environment, that of Mena Massoud and Lars Mikkelsen. According to an exclusive from LRM Online, these are the actors chosen to play two well-known characters from the Star Wars universe in Ahsoka’s series. It’s about Ezra Bridger and Thrawn, respectively. The actress Rosario Dawson seems to give truth to these information, since she has been plethora of her personal Instagram account.

“Yes, this is the best news! I need my representation BIPOC [Anglo-Saxon term used for indigenous or black people] in Star Wars ”. She talks about Mena Massoud, who is an Egyptian actor. “I’m looking forward” to appearing “in Ashoka as one of my favorite characters in the universe.”

Why are these characters important?

The truth is that the appearance of all these characters makes all the sense in the world given how Star Wars: Rebels ended. This animated series stars Ezra, a young man from Lothal who joins the rebellion to fight the Galactic Empire. During his journey he will show leanings towards the force, for which he will receive training from a former Jedi Padawan, Kanan Jarrus.

Thrawn, meanwhile, is one of the most beloved characters in the Star Wars universe. His intelligence, his ability to take advantage of the enemy’s weaknesses and to understand their culture make him a fearsome adversary. Although he was born in the expanded universe, he was recovered in Rebels.

Star Wars: Ahsoka is a spin-off of The Mandalorian, whose third season will not be released in 2021. Instead, Lucasfilm prepares the landing of The Book of Boba Fett on Disney +, which will arrive next December. Fans of the galactic saga can currently enjoy Star Wars: The Bad Remittance, a continuation of the animated series The Clone Wars.


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