A Star Wars Actor Joins Marvel’s Loki Series


Another important actor has joined the Marvel TV series Loki, prepared for Disney +. It was reported that the series will include Richard E. Grant after Owen Wilson. Grant appeared in the Star Wars stage as General Pryde.

The Marvel universe has announced that it will continue its expansion on the Disney + screens after Netflix and the screen. The giant of the entertainment industry does not leave its job to chance. The company brings an actor from another brand, Star Wars, into the Marvel universe.

The Loki character we know with Thor films will have his own series on Disney’s broadcast service Disney +. The cast of this mini series will be almost full of stars. The series will include Richard E. Grant, who we know from the Star Wars universe.

Grant Marvel is no stranger to his characters
Richard E. Grant is not actually alien to Marvel characters, but has not previously appeared in a work done directly by Disney. We also saw him in the movie Logan. He told a nurse who celebrated the birthday of mutant children in that movie that he should not “see them as children”. Rice was playing his character.

In Star Wars films, he appeared in the role of General Enric Pryde, the loyal commander of the First Order. We also saw him in films like Can You Ever Forgive Me ?, Withnail & I and Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

Loki is back
Tom Hiddleston will once again bring the character to life in the Loki series. Though Thor’s occasional unpleasant things do go well, his popular half-brother will be back in this drama.

The series will include Owen Wilson, Gugu Mbatha-Raw (Motherless Brooklyn) and Sophia Di Martino (Yesterday). It was announced that Richard E. Grant will also take part in a section. The producer of the series is Kate Herron, while Michael Waldron, who has his signature in Rick and Morty, will write the series.

It is known that the date on which the Loki series will be released will be the spring months of 2021. As we know from Tom Hiddleston’s previous comments, the series will have a total broadcast time of 6 hours. Other Marvel TV series to be featured in Disney + will be WandaVision, She-Hulk and Falcon and Winter Soldier.


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