Star Wars 9: this new trailer that confirms a fan theory!


Few cinematic sagas unleash passions as much as Star Wars. So it’s been months since a theory appears on social networks. Disney had not yet validated it, but that was before!

A week before the release of the ninth installment of the Star Wars saga, The Ascension of Skywalker, a fan favorite theory has just been confirmed. Contrary to popular belief, no one has blundered or forgotten a script in a public place. This is an official trailer released on Thursday which contained a big surprise!

Accustomed to keeping his projects secret, Disney is often avaricious of information and closely monitors its actors. So it’s surprising that a colossal piece of news comes from them. It would not be surprising if more than one fan would rather wait to see Star Wars indoors to save the surprise for later.

If it was discovered last April that the almighty Palpatine (Ian McDiarmid) had not died at the end of the Return of the Jedi and was alive, his significance seemed minimal. However, several fans quickly theorized that he might have a more or less close relationship with Kylo Ren (Adam Driver). And they were right!

In the latest trailer for Star Wars, we can indeed see the latter exploring a strange planet. Then resounds the voice of Palpatine. We quickly understand that the young man has been manipulated for a long time. ” My boy. I’ve been every voice you’ve heard in your head, “said the iconic villain of the saga. This could then mean that the latter would be linked to Snoke, killed by Kylo Ren in the previous installment of Star Wars. But you will have to go see the film to find out!