Star Wars 9: the movie would be likely to cause epileptic seizures!


Only a few more days to wait. No, we are not talking about the coming of Santa Claus. Although the date may coincide. But well and truly the release of Star Wars 9. The famous saga will therefore end in a few days. Although for some, it had already ended with episode 3, The Revenge of the Sith, or even with the sixth part, The Return of the Jedi. But for the new fans, it’s really Skywalker’s Ascension that will sound like the final clapboard. However, if you are prone to epileptic seizures, you may not be able to see the next movie.

Indeed, Star Wars 9 is highly anticipated by the many padawans and other fans of Kylo Ren. On the other hand, if some are impatient to discover the final outcome, not everyone will be able to see it. On the one hand, because the places should be tearing away from the first days, and thus make the movie theaters full. But also for health reasons.

No, it’s not a joke for April 1st or another masquerade. Star Wars 9 would be “dangerous”. May cause epileptic seizures. As our confreres in Konbini pointed out, it was the CNN media that announced the “bad” news. So be aware that the movie contains “several sequences with images and flashing lights extended”. If you’ve always been a fan of the saga, you already know that lightsaber fights and other blaster exchanges create lots of flashing lights.

It is precisely because of this, mainly, that Star Wars 9 could provoke epileptic seizures. However, these fights have always been present in the other parts. But it seems that in this one, they would be even more so to believe CNN. What delight, despite everything, the followers.

We hope that people who pose a risk, will not take it by going to see Star Wars 9. Now remains to know if the cinemas can find a solution to reduce these “flashing lights”. History that they feel less intense and that no one is endangered.


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