Star Wars 9: an “immoral” scene censored in several countries!


Not only did Star Wars 9 bother fans of the saga, but he was also accused of immorality. One scene has even been censored in Asia.

Star Wars never stops making headlines! First, it sparked various reactions from fans. He also faced charges of immorality. Several countries have thus censored a scene.

According to the American site Deadline, Singapore would have censored a scene from Star Wars. It would be a shot in which Commander Larma D’Arcy and pilot Wrobie Tyce can be seen kissing on the mouth. Blink and you will miss the kiss! However, this was enough for the authorities to see fit to censor the film. In fact, homosexuality is still prohibited there. Same-sex people are also prohibited from marrying.

A representative from Singapore reportedly said that the decision was made to give minors under the age of 13 the right to see Star Wars. Deadline also reports that the Chinese government did not censor the scene. The latter, however, does not get in the way very often to alter Hollywood films.

We remember of course Bohemian Rhapsody. He had been cut off from several explicit plans. They showed the homosexual relations of Freddie Mercury. The Secret of Brokeback Mountain had for its part been purely and simply forbidden to leave the Chinese territory.

The fact remains that Singapore is not the only country to have taken liberties with Star Wars. The American site The Hollywood Reporter writes that Dubai also censored the scene. Disney has not yet spoken on this. Twitter should do it for the studio. Fans had already been quick to criticize this scene when the film was released. LGBTQ + activists had indeed found that J. J. Abrams should have devoted more time to it.


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