Star Wars 9: Google Maps winks at the saga!


Less than two weeks after the release of Star Wars IX, the canvas panics. Google Maps gets involved and has created little winks for fans.

Google Maps didn’t boast about it, but it did add a few winks to Star Wars to its web interface after the release of the latest film. The passage from one planet to another is indeed done in hyperspace!

The Skywalker Ascension was released less than two weeks ago. He has already unleashed the canvas. His fans are indeed numerous, especially in the high tech field. They were therefore particularly virulent towards certain faults. But they also did not hesitate to wink at the saga in their work.

The engineers who work on Google Maps are not to be outdone. On the contrary ! The popular GPS has become so powerful that it can hardly be reduced to a cartographic app today. It now includes a tasty allusion to Star Wars!

It’s a surfer who noticed the discreet change. The web version of Google Maps now makes it possible to visit the different planets of the solar system. Just switch to satellite view, activate the “globe” view and zoom out the map as much as possible. It’s a hyperspace journey that drives the journey between the different planets. It reminds a lot of the aesthetics of Star Wars. Many fans should welcome the news and waste a lot of time on the app. Unfortunately, this little feature is only available on PC and not on mobile.

It’s a fun wink. And a pretty little technical nugget! One wonders what Google Maps can invent after this allusion to Star Wars? They had already inspired the hugely popular games Pokémon Go and Mario Kart. Maybe an application dedicated to the saga could see the light of day? A Star Wars Go would surely be very popular with fans. What are developers waiting for?


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