Star Wars 9: the crazy fan theory about the death of a character!


Star Wars 9 has been out for less than a week. However, it is already unleashing the fans. One theory in particular is favored by fans!

Star Wars 9 has unleashed passion since its release last week. The death of one of the characters has indeed disappointed the fans. But a slightly crazy theory could give them hope!

Attention spoilers! The Ascension of Skywalker has left many stories unanswered. But he also killed two fan favorites. Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher) and her son Ben Solo (Adam Driver) bowed out. Or almost…

Some fans believe that Ren’s famous knight is not just dead. We see his body disappear in the Force. But a surfer noticed things that suggest he would have survived. Perhaps this is a track that Disney will study in the future?

A fan using the nickname “@ Drunk0nSunlight” reveals why Ben Solo is likely to be alive. According to him, the simple fact that he is not on the side of his parents’ ghosts would mean that he got out of it. Princess Leia would have transferred all of her energy to him so that he came out after saving Rey (Daisy Ridley).

The user also calls on a canon series to justify his theory. Ahsoka’s character is resurrected in Star Wars Rebels. Coincidence: it is the voice of the latter that Rey hears before killing the Emperor Palpatine!

If this theory may seem credible enough, the main stakeholder has no plans to commit. Actor Adam Driver is said to have turned the page on Star Wars. No spin-off dedicated to Ben Solo has yet emerged. This does not prevent fans from dreaming! A petition to this effect thus totals nearly 10,000 signatures. To be continued !


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