Star Wars 9: according to Ian McDiarmid, Palpatine should be dead!


No one expected Palpatine to make a comeback! And especially not the original actor of the iconic villain!

The return of the character of Palpatine surprised all fans of Star Wars. But not only ! The original actor did not expect to make a new appearance. Indeed, George Lucas had told him that he was dead!

Episode 8 may have settled the terrifying Snoke, but The Rise of Skywalker reserved the biggest face to face. He has indeed seen the Resistance and the great Dark Sidious alias Palpatine confront each other.

The Star Wars trailer warned fans. She let the sound of Lord Sith’s voice be heard. This left no doubt: Palpatine was about to return! Yet he was dead in the original trilogy! This surprised all the fans. But the interpreter of the big villain of the saga too. Ian McDiarmid did not expect his character to return.

“I thought I was dead,” said the actor to Digital Spy. “I thought he was dead. Because when we did The Return of the Jedi, and I was thrown into the Galactic Hell, it was. And when I asked if he would come back, George Lucas replied, “No, he’s dead.” So it seemed obvious to me. But I didn’t know, obviously, that I was going to be remembered in the Star Wars prelogy, so somehow he wasn’t really gone since we revisited the character when he was still a young man. ”

How to explain this return to the fans? Director J. J. Abrams already had his little idea. According to him, Star Wars VII foreshadowed the resurrection of Palpatine. The fact remains that it did not really convince the biggest fans of the saga. As for the most curious spectators, they are less difficult. The film indeed achieved the 4th best start of the year. Who will do better in 2020?


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