Star Wars: 8 Things to Remember Before Andor


Excitement is mounting over Star Wars’ next foray into the original Disney+ series, Andor, which breaks the Disney+ template with six episodes and could be a unique and even incredible entry into the canon. So far, fans have received a lot of information about the series from trailers and the press, and there is a lot that fans should keep in mind before the premiere on August 31.

Andor may not require too much necessary reading in advance, but memorizing certain facts and stories can temper expectations and help the viewing experience.

Series Structure

Unlike other Disney+ Star Wars shows, whose future often hangs in the air or is announced after the season is released, fans already know everything they will get from Andor. The memory of this will temper expectations and become good knowledge in the first season.

Both seasons 1 and 2 will consist of twelve episodes, which is twice as many as Obi-Wan Kenobi and the Marvel Disney+ show. Season 1 will take place over the course of a year between 5 BBY and 4 BBY, whereas Season 2 will take place over four years, moving through a year every three episodes, forming four arches per season from different directors, and they all lead to “Rogue One”. Season 1, although not marked as having a four-arch structure, will have different directors at the helm for three blocks of episodes: Toby Haynes, Suzanne White, Benjamin Caron, and then Toby Haynes again.

Another interesting point is that Tony Gilroy told Vanity Fair that it has only 1,500 pages. So, if we assume that each page costs about 45 seconds of screen time on average, each episode will last about 45 minutes on average.

Many are installed at the same time

The first season of Andor will take place in 5 BBY, at a crucial time for the Galaxy and extremely important for the canon thanks to Star Wars: Rebels, which also begins at this time.

Watching “Rebels” before “Andor” would be great for all fans, as it would give everyone a good idea of the state of the rebellion and the Galaxy as a whole at that time, especially among the citizens. Knowing this and the story of how the Ghosts joined the wider rebellion, it seems that rebel cameos are unlikely to appear in the first season, but may well be integrated into the second season. Also in 5 BBY, what happens is that So Guerrera drops Jin Erso on Tamsey Prime, a key event that could allow Sou to become another Rogue character-one who will appear in the series without Jin by his side.

No K-2SO… Bye

Many may start the first season of Andor expecting the rogue one MVP and the beloved K-2SO droid character to appear and play a key role as Cassian’s friend and assistant, but that’s just not the case at the moment.

In a conversation with Collider, Alan Tudyk noted that he will not be in the first season, but he will be involved if the show continues after that. Given that a second season has since been announced, he will undoubtedly appear in the second season, possibly joining a host of other viable episodes and well-known characters. However, in the first season, his wit will not be there. Since the story of their acquaintance has already been told in a one-off comic, it will be interesting to see if it is completely discarded in favor of the vision of this show.

Kassian’s Separatist Past

In his younger years, Cassian was never officially a member of the Confederation of Independent Systems, but he fought against the Galactic Republic and protested with his family against military expansion.

With memories of Cassian’s childhood and confirmed clone troopers, it will be interesting to see Cassian’s unique perspective on the Clone Wars and the state of the Galaxy. Both sides of the war were manipulated to make room for the Empire, and Cassian may have to come to terms with that in the series.

The history of Mon Mothma

It seems that Mon Mothma will be one of the main roles in the series, and her story will probably gradually coincide with the story of Cassian in the last episodes of the season. Her arch promises to be fascinating with all the political intrigues, and remembering her shared history can be a key moment.

Mon Mothma, a good friend of Padme Amidala and Bail Organa when they were senators of the Republic, sowed the seeds of rebellion even before the Empire existed, as seen in a deleted scene in Revenge of the Sith. Mothma was Leia Organa’s political mentor and played her role in the Imperial Senate, constantly fighting for peace in the Galaxy and working against the Emperor from within.

Perhaps the most important moment in her life to remember before the show is her speaking out against the Emperor in “Rebels,” officially retreating from the Imperial Senate and becoming a rebel leader. Given that she is clearly in danger in this series, given that “they” are watching her, this moment may become even more impressive after Andor.


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