Star Trek’s Interstellar Spaceship in Microscopic Sizes


As part of a study, scientists reconstructed a spaceship from the movie Star Trek on a microcopic scale. Moreover, this micrometer-long spaceship can move on its own.

Physicists from Leiden University built a miniature of the USS Voyager, an Intrepid-class interstellar spaceship from the Star Trek movie series, using a 3D printer. However, this miniature, unlike its counterparts, is built in microscopic dimensions, only 5 micrometers long.

As you can imagine, the researchers did not build the microscopic spaceship in question to “display” it. The spaceship in question and other microscopic models built are part of a study published in the Soft Matter magazine that basically pushes the boundaries of 3D printers.

The researchers created this spaceship, whose length is measured with micrometers, for microswimmer research. For this reason, the microscopic spaceship in question does not move with propulsion engines like the original, but as a result of the chemical reaction of the platinum coating and the hydrogen peroxide inside.

In fact, scientists mostly prefer spherical structures for microswimmer research. However, scientists also constructed microscopic models in different ways in order to observe different results to be obtained with different shapes in the last study.

With these models, scientists aim to imitate natural microswimmers such as bacteria or white blood cells and to better understand them. Although this is a study that mainly focuses on living things, some futurists argue that the information obtained from these studies can also be used in disease treatments.

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