Star Trek: Picard Season 2: What we suspected about the cameo of a special character


This stellar universe, together with a magnificent cast and impeccable track record, has achieved the same feat twice. First, the show was able to keep the Season 3 reunion, The Next Generation, under wraps by announcing the massive event in its own time slot and then the cameo appearance of a very special character in the Star Trek: Picard family. Spoiler alert!

We’re referring to the guest appearance of the character of Wesley Crusher, played by original actor and also writer, Wil Wheaton, this greatly surprised viewers and fans of Star Trek: Crusher in the season 2 finale, “Farewell “. Let’s remember that Wheaton represents an important fiber in the nostalgia of this franchise since he embodied one of the most well-known roles as Ensign Wesley Crusher, in the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation of 1987.

The youngest Crusher’s cameo appearance in the series further solidifies the connection between the Travelers and their chosen Overseers, as well as exposes a very different ending to The Next Generation for Wesley and his appearance with Deanna Troi (Marina Sirtis) and William Riker ( Jonathan Frakes) at the wedding in Nemesis. At that event he appeared wearing the Starfleet uniform, and it is likely that this is just an appearance that he projects as he did in The Traveler similarly in the episode “Journey’s End”.

The journey of this very special character in the Star Trek: Picard series, and the cosmic exposure of him in his recruitment speech to Kore, it is clear that Wesley has spent a lot of time traveling and keeping the flow of time. Now as a traveler he can look back on his days as the young ensign on the USS Enterprise and draw on the experiences of this journey to bring other lost souls into the fold, just as Wesley Crusher did.

Fans were a little disappointed when they found out that Wheaton’s role was not included in season 3, and yet 28 years have passed and his role in the history of these space travelers continues to be decisive. Even though most Star Trek: Picard fans weren’t born when Wesley Crusher made his screen debut.

The journeys that the protagonists of the Star Trek: Picard series take are made to study humanity, and they use their abilities to act as assistants to a Starfleet propulsion expert, the plot progresses and while on Enterprise, The Traveler He accidentally sends them to a new galaxy, to the end of the universe and back to the Milky Way to be more precise. It’s there that they realize Wesley is on board, which secretly prompts Picard (Patrick Stewart) to appoint Wesley as an acting Ensign, which ultimately helps shape Wesley’s life once again.