Star Trek Online: The release of Stormfall brings the cast of the series to the console


The recent Star Trek Online Stormfall update will now transfer actors from Voyager, Deep Space Nine and Discovery to PlayStation and Xbox consoles. The sci-fi MMORPG takes players to places where no human has ever set foot before, and allows them to embark on their own journey through the stars. The Star Trek Online: Stormfall update includes iconic characters from the entire sci-fi franchise, and now this expansion is available to all players.

Since its launch in 2010, developer Cryptic Studios has continued to support Star Trek Online through frequent updates and additions. The latest update to the game was Stormfall, in which players teamed up with recognizable figures from across the franchise. Star Trek: Admiral Janeway from Voyager, Admiral Lita from Deep Space 9, Ray-Yeat and Captain Killie from Discovery all appear and are portrayed by their original actors. The new quest update line takes fans into a Mirror Universe that turns the franchise’s heroes into evil versions of themselves. Although these actors entered Star Trek Online back in May, the Stormfall update has so far only been available on PC.

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In a press release, developer Cryptic Studios announced that Star Trek Online: Stormfall is now available on Xbox and PlayStation consoles. Starting on June 22, console players will be able to experience two brand new episodes, an updated Starfleet manual, a realignment of the Task Force’s operations, and a special “Heart of the Storm” event. In Stormfall, Mary Wiseman plays Captain Killie, Kate Mulgrew plays Marshal Janeway, Chase Masterson plays Admiral Lita, and Noah Averbach plays Katz—Ray-Yit. The annual Lohlunat festival in Star Trek Online is also due to return on June 30, and the summer event will last until July 30. The press release also details the partnership between Star Trek Online and Cherrytree, which will provide players with Elite Starter Packs, coupons and more to purchase. Star Trek PC or case.

Prior to Stormfall, the Star Trek Online Discovery update also moved characters from the latest franchise series to an MMORPG. Star Trek: Discovery, which premiered in 2017, was the first new franchise series since Star Trek: Enterprise was released in 2005. The Star Trek Online network expansion, released in 2019, allows players to meet key characters of the series, such as Captain Gabriel Lorca and the commander. Ellen Landry. Like the colorful cast of Stormfall, Jason Isaacs and Rekha Sharma reprised their roles of these memorable characters during their appearance in Star Trek Online.

The Stormfall update for Star Trek Online has allowed players to meet familiar faces from across the franchise, and now this exciting expansion is available on PlayStation and Xbox. The update is coming out just in time for the upcoming Lohlunat Festival, which will allow players to start an intergalactic summer. Introducing key allies and a sneaky villain, Star Trek Online: Stormfall is an essential addition to Starfleet adventures on any platform.