Star Trek: Discovery – Season 4 can revive classic format


The 4th season of Star Trek: Discovery can bet on a more episodic format (one story per episode), as well as the classic series, according to what was seen at the end of the third season finale. To recap, the last episodes presented solved several plots in surprising ways.

In the end, Discovery and its crew were tasked with distributing the newly extracted dilithium that they had discovered across the galaxy to the worlds that needed it most.

In this way, the new season would start over with a new cycle, telling shorter stories with each episode and reminding the audience of the franchise’s beginnings. The characters could travel from planet to planet experiencing new conflicts and facing more contained challenges.

The series would also be able to explore new environments, races and also discover more about certain aliens.

What will the 4th season of Star Trek: Discovery be like?

Despite all these speculations, which even have a certain foundation, it may be that the series does not completely abandon the serialized format, with longer arcs.

Currently, television productions have increasingly invested in this type of narrative, mainly because of streaming, which generally makes all content available at once. This was quite unusual when Star Trek first appeared.

The creative team in Star Trek: Discovery, however, must understand all of these mechanisms when developing their stories. Thus, if the classic format is seen again, it should mix with what the public is most familiar with today in an episodic serialized narrative.

So, let’s wait! The 4th season of Star Trek: Discovery still has no official release date. In Brazil, to check the previous seasons, just search for the series in the Netflix catalog.


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