Star Trek: Discovery 3×4: The focus is mental health


The 3×4 episode of Star Trek: Discovery is one of the most ambitious of the 3rd season. As much as the chapter doesn’t bring the epic battles we’re used to, the characters’ trajectory gets more and more intense as they deal with the trauma of the journey to the future. Thus, we started the episode at the point where we ended the previous one, reliving the fears and anxieties of the crew.

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It all starts with Hugh compiling the health information for Discovery’s crew. The initial reflection is intense, while he talks about how the small milestones that define us (such as birthdays and funerals) are all in the past and we have nothing else to expect. This reflection is very consistent with the mental health of the team, since they are all 930 years ahead of their time.

In the report, Hugh talks about the difficulties of getting the crew to accept his help, since vulnerability is not easy for them. When he delivers the report to Captain Saru, High says that everyone is experiencing extremely high levels of stress and, unfortunately, does not have an efficient solution to this.

For him, only the mission to find the Federation is what motivates the crew to continue. After all, this is the central theme of Star Trek: Discovery. However, Hugh believes that this mission will not be enough to keep the team hopeful and they must find a way to deal with survival and their status between different times in history.

Saru takes all this advice seriously and asks for Zora’s help to take care of the crew’s mental health (although he doesn’t know her yet as Zora). For Saru, artificial intelligence protects the team as much as they do.

Meanwhile, the new episode also introduces us to more about Adira. She remembers nothing of her previous life, but the mystery is exhausted and we discover that she is a host of Trill’s memories, harboring even information about Admiral Senna Tal. Therefore, Discovery must access its memories to be able to find the Federation.

Fortunately, she also wants to find out what’s going on and accepts the ride on Discovery. Soon, they begin their journey to Trill’s headquarters and Michael is chosen as their personal guard. Will they be able to access these memories to finally reconnect to the past? Keep an eye out for more!


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