Star Trek: Discovery 3×3: battle between titan and earthling


In Star Trek: Discovery 3×3, the central theme of the season seems to be increasingly defined as the characters begin to deal with different types of trauma. From Burnham’s return to the ship to Adira’s joining the team, everyone is frightened by the unknown planet and its own problems.

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More details of the 3×3 episode of Star Trek: Discovery

Titled “People of the Earth”, the new episode proves that returning to Earth is not this season’s priority. The episode will be available on Netflix this Friday (30) and, believe me: you don’t miss out on waiting!

After the team finally reunites at Discovery, they arrive on the planet that was once Starfleet’s home. That was a bold decision, since they don’t know anything there and don’t plan to return to their home planet.

Although Michael is with his family, there is a great deal of tension between them. After all, she was alone for about a year until she managed to find them again. Therefore, she is not the same person who left Earth and had even given up on meeting the other Discovery crew.

The action is not left out of this episode either. The characters find themselves in the middle of a dispute between planet Earth and some titans led by Wen, whose appearance is unknown at the moment. Michael hopes that Saru will help her lead the attack, even without her revealing her plans.

The problem is that she got used to doing things alone and without all Federation rules, encountering adversities to get everyone to agree with her ideas.

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This is especially difficult for Saru. After all, he used to be the leader of the ship and rely on Michael as his right hand man. However, as she begins to take the lead, the Captain begins to trust her once again. So Discovery acts as a kind of diplomat between the Titans and the Terrans.

That was a pleasant surprise from the new episode made available by the streaming platform. After all, Discovery did not have that level of authority to deal with conflicts while they were surrounded by the Federation and its superiors.

Therefore, the new season of Star Trek: Discovery should delve even deeper into the characters’ personality and how they face the fears of an unknown planet, without leaving aside the feeling of team.

The new episode hits Netflix tomorrow. After watching, don’t forget to comment what you think!


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