Star Trek: Discovery 3×13: check out the season finale


If you are also a fan of Star Trek: Discovery, like us, you are probably still out of breath after this season finale. After all, the third season of the series was filled with epic battles and, more than that, dives through the emotional aspects of the crew after the jump into the future.

While they struggled to find and redeem the Federation, the journey yielded what was undoubtedly one of the best seasons in this universe.

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More details of the end of the third season of Star Trek: Discovery

Saru and Culber are still dealing with the mutant Su’Kal. After all, it seems to be the answer to what happened in the Great Queimada. Meanwhile, Michael and Booker are at Discovery with Osyraa on the verge of a Federation attack. Radiation is the biggest danger to crew leaders, but Su’Kal believes he can heal Saru’s wounds with algae.

Fortunately, Adira arrives to help them and gets a medicine that gives them more time. However, both Saru’s ship and Discovery itself are falling apart and they need to act fast if they want to save everyone. Apparently, the Federation spared no effort to attack them.

Osyraa needs Booker to lead the crew to a planet rich in dilithium, the substance that could save everyone. Michael acts as a diplomat and manages to convince Admiral Vance that everyone on board is valuable. She promises that she will not disappoint you.

However, Booker is hit and Michael is desperate to see him screaming in pain. A force field allows them to escape and Burnham manages to send a secret message to Tilly. In turn, she has the idea of ​​using a thermomagnetic bomb to gain an advantage, although this looks like a suicide mission.

While the ship’s oxygen is almost depleted, she leaves her last resources to Owo, while all the other members pass out. Owo manages to put the bomb in place. So, Michael kills Osyraa and reminds her that she would never give up trying to save everyone. Almost at the last minute, she manages to restart the Discovery system, rewire the life support devices and save everyone!

Finally, Vance apologizes to Michael for getting in his way and states that, like Saru, he expects her to be Discovery’s next Captain. Finally, Burnham accepts her fate and takes the position. Then, the Star Trek: Discovery season finale ends with a powerful phrase: “Let’s fly”, while everyone is in their futuristic uniforms and ready for the next mission.

So, what did you think of the third season of Star Trek: Discovery? Count your impressions in the comment space below!


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