Star Trek Discovery 3×1: Michael alone in the future


The 3×1 episode of Star Trek: Discovery surprised fans by finally returning to the narrative of the characters we are already used to. After the exciting end of season 2, in which Discovery jumps a millennium into the future, we know a universe where everything seems to be possible.

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Star Trek: Discovery 3×1 episode details

Season 3’s premiere begins with Michael navigating a galaxy 930 years into the future. As she searches for the other crew, Sonequa Martin-Green’s character is relieved to realize that she has managed to save thousands of lives in the universe. However, the feeling of euphoria soon passes when she realizes that she is really alone in the future.

In a parallel universe, we also met a very interesting character: Cleveland Book, a man who seeks to save several endangered species. Having grown up in a world without the Federation, he takes justice into his own hands and wants to help animals as he can.

So, Michael meets Book, but he doesn’t want to help her find her crew members. After all, according to him, “everyone has a history” and he has already chosen his way of helping endangered species. Therefore, if he decided to help the stranger lost in the future, he could end up deviating from his mission.

Michael proves to be the determined character in Star Trek: Discovery that we already know. She proves that Book also needs your help. However, he decides to betray her in the search for Discovery. Having hopes that the ship has managed to make the jump in time, she begs for Book’s confidence again (but, of course, after punching him a few times). The two set out again in search of the crew.

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During the trip, they meet Aditya Sahil, a man who has served a futuristic institution for over 40 years. They talk about hope, a powerful feeling that guides the three characters. “Sometimes, hope is the only thing left for us”, emphasizes Michael, consolidating the group that should integrate the central plot of the third season of Star Trek: Discovery.

The first episode released is titled “That Hope Is You Pt. 1” (“Hope is You – Part One). However, the second episode was not named as part two. Soon, fans began to speculate about the continuation of the debut episode being the chapter that closes the new season, following the characteristics of time and space that highlight the series.

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