Star+: Starz Channel Files Lawsuit Against Disney in Latin America


Streaming Star+ debuts in Latin America in August, but Disney could get involved in a dispute over the name. The American channel Starz filed a lawsuit in the Brazilian court alleging that the rival company is “infringing its brand identity”.

According to the process, the “Star Plus” brand is phonetically similar to the name of the StarzPlay service. Therefore, this could confuse consumers in regions where the platforms are available.

Original from the US, the StarzPlay service has been available in Latin America since 2019 – including countries like Brazil. Meanwhile, Star+ will be Disney’s exclusive platform for consumers in the Latin American region.

“The two companies are currently direct competitors in the Mexican market, which leads to unfair competition. Mainly, if it is considered that these are the same services”, highlights the process also registered in Mexico.

A Starz spokesperson told The Verge that the channel is just defending its rights. To avoid confusing customers, it chose to file a trademark infringement lawsuit through the use of the term “Star” and the various service interactions.

Similarities between platforms

Unlike Disney+, Star+ aims to reach an older audience. In addition to original content, the catalog will feature attractions from FX, 20th Century Studios, National Geographic, ESPN and other Disney brands.

Acting in a similar way, StarzPlay offers series and films produced by the North American channel and partner studios. In addition, attractions are also available on Amazon streaming in Prime Video Channels format.