Star+: Series On The Life Of Albert Einstein Is Available On Streaming


Star+, the new streaming service available in Brazil since Tuesday (31), arrived with variety in the catalog, consisting of programs ranging from live sports to animations.

For lovers of the history of science, the highlight is the first season of the National Geographic channel series “Genius”, from 2017, which brings a drama about the personal life of the German physicist Albert Einstein (1879-1955).

In the 10 episodes, Einstein is played by British actor Johnny Flynn (young) and Australian Geoffrey Rush (older). The season received 10 nominations for an Emmy award, one of the most important in world TV.

The plot’s success can be explained, in part, by the basis of the script: the text is inspired by the work of Walter Isaacson, an American journalist and the most important biographer today. Isaacson has already turned the lives of Leonardo da Vinci and Steve Jobs into bestselling books.

The “Genius” series shows an Albert Einstein very different from the scientist seen in documentaries and textbooks. The physicist’s personal dramas — which were not few — are portrayed with intensity from the first minutes of the program.

Born into a family of German Jews, Einstein spent most of his life in the United States after the Nazi takeover in Germany in 1933.

The first season of the “Genius” series is fully available on Star+. In the second and third seasons of the series, the lives of the Spanish painter Pablo Picasso and the American singer-songwriter Aretha Franklin are portrayed.


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