Star +: Disney to Launch New Streaming in Brazil in August


Star +:Disney announced on Friday (14) that it should launch a new streaming in Brazil, Star +. The service will arrive in the Brazilian market on August 31 and will feature films, series and even the broadcast of ESPN’s live sports.

The company said the new streaming will be independent of Disney + and will feature FX productions, 20th Century Studios, Star Original Productions, National Geographic and, of course, Disney.

The catalog should include series like This is Us, The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, Lost, How I Met Your Mother and Prison Break. As for the drawings, the Simpsons, Family Guy and Futurama will be available. The goal is to gather the titles that were left out of Disney +, for not following the “family” line. Deadpool films, which have an indicative rating of 16 years, for example, will be part of the catalog.

Another novelty is that Star + will make Latin productions available, including the series that tells the life of presenter Sílvio Santos. The Walt Disney Company Latin America president Diego Lerner said in a statement that the new streaming experience will be personalized. “The strength of the content, which will include the entire ESPN range, makes Star + a unique proposition, of relevance, identity and its own weight to establish itself as a digital service independent of Disney +,” he said.

The subscription values ​​have not yet been released, but for now, it is known that the user will be able to purchase the streaming separately or in a package with Disney +.


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