Star+: Disney closes millionaire deal to launch streaming in Brazil


Star+:  After a series of clashes between Disney and streaming Starz, the two companies finally reached a consensus. Last Monday (9), it was announced that companies withdrew from the legal dispute involving the name of Disney’s new service, Star+, which should bring together content that is not free for all audiences.

According to company sources, the amicable agreement consists of a payment of R$50 million from the owner of Mickey Mouse to the Starz broadcaster.

Since the end of June, Disney was unable to promote the new platform in Brazil, due to the Starz injunction. With the legal dispute closed, the company will be able to start the dissemination of its new streaming in the country on August 31st.

Star+ Catalog

Disney’s goal in launching Star+ is to include movies and series that are not part of the more “family” line. The catalog should have series like This is Us, The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, Lost, How I Met Your Mother and Prison Break. The Simpsons, A Family Guy, Futurama and the Deadpool movie should also be part of the service.

The values ​​of the new streaming have not yet been revealed.


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