Star Citizen is free to play with six ships available


Cloud Imperium Games celebrates the arrival of Alpha 3.12 with a free trial version of its space exploration game this February.

Star Citizen, the space exploration and simulation video game from Cloud Imperium Games, celebrates the arrival of Alpha 3.12 with a free trial version available only until February 25, 2021. A unique opportunity to test a good part of the content of a game that has accumulated years and years of development and that aims to become one of the most ambitious titles in the history of video games.

Demo with six ships available

Thus, all those who have not yet tried Star Citizen and are curious to immerse themselves in its universe (pun intended) of exploration and space simulation, can now download the game client and start playing piloting any of the six ships available, which are:

Anvil Arrow
MISC Prospector
MISC Freelancer
CNOU Mustang Alpha
Drake Dragonfly
RSI Aurora MR

In addition, each of these ships offers very different characteristics from each other; and it is that while some will be more focused on space combat, others will be more useful to extract minerals from the surface of the most varied planets, offering a totally different game experience from each other.


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