Star Citizen Has Raised More Than $400 Million Since 2012


Star Citizen: From the start of its crowdfunding campaign until today, Star Citizen has racked up multi-million dollar values, but the game is still in development and is currently still in alpha release.

Nearly a decade after crowdfunding began, since 2012, developer Cloud Imperium Games with Hollywood cast has grossed more than $400 million, having hit its last community goal in 2014 when it hit the $65 million mark. The generous amount comes from the pockets of fans, who seem to continue to bet on the success of the exploration and space battles title.

Christopher Roberts, the game’s creator, explained last year that the various features promised years ago weren’t just empty or impossible-to-achieve promises. According to him, his team won’t take “another 10 to 20 years” to add them to the game.

Since then, the development team has been trying to keep their players, investors and fan base always updated about the changes made to the game. The most recent communiqué made to the community was released on the 17th of this month, detailing a lot of information about the most current alpha build of the title.

Earlier in September, a player reported the production company to the UK advertising industry’s self-regulatory body. According to him, Cloud Imperium Games was not being transparent in relation to the sale of “ship concepts”, which were planned spacecraft, but not yet added to the game. The developer was warned and had to commit to being more transparent in the future.

Currently, the alpha version of Star Citizen is only available for PC. The full version of the title is not scheduled for release yet.