“Stairs”: Todd Peterson once claimed that his father Michael Peterson was a “serial killer”


The court case of the deaths of Kathleen Peterson and Michael Peterson in 2001 became the subject of the HBO Max series “The Ladder”. At that time, most of Michael and Kathleen’s children rallied around the patriarch to protect him, with the exception of Caitlin Atwater.

However, in December 2021, Michael’s son Todd Peterson changed his mind. In a YouTube post, he stated that Michael Peterson is a “serial killer” who killed his first wife Patricia Peterson and second wife Kathleen.

Todd Peterson claimed his father was a “serial killer” in December 2021.

Before the HBO series “Stairs,” Todd posted a video accusing him of murdering his mother Patricia. “I’m going to call the police on my father for murdering my mother,” Todd says in a December 2021 video. “Only today I realized the motivation — money.”

Patricia Peterson died in July 2021 at Duke University Hospital after a massive heart attack (from North Carolina News and Reports). She was 78 years old.

Todd’s video continues with an explanation of his sobriety. He also tells how he managed to “find out” that his father is a “serial killer.” According to Todd, his father took the money from the joint account after Patricia’s death, along with other things that he had no right to take.

“He doesn’t want me to call the police on him,” Todd continues. Todd predicted that his father would send him “unpleasant messages” after withdrawing the remaining money from their joint account. If his predictions about his father’s reaction were correct, “… it would probably be fair to say something else,” he added, alluding to the murder.

The video doesn’t show Todd taking the money or Michael’s reaction afterwards. However , Todd adds:

“I never thought my dad would kill Kathleen or my mom because I didn’t think he would hurt his family members. I needed my personal experience when he tried to hurt me and ruin my life… to see that nothing would stop him from doing anything.”

Todd Peterson wants to change public opinion about Michael Peterson

After Netflix’s Stairs, some people’s opinions about Kathleen’s death and the Michael Peterson case changed, primarily because of the owl theory. Todd’s position has also changed — now he does not believe that his father is innocent.

“This man should spend the rest of his life in prison,” Todd continues in the video. “We can’t convict him in court, [but] that’s why I have this video — so we can convict him in the court of public opinion. I can’t believe I’m calling the police on my fucking father.”

Michael Peterson is still free, despite Todd’s statements.

Michael was convicted of murder back in 2001. He spent eight years in prison before being granted a retrial due to incorrectly reported blood trace test results (via Oxygen).

In 2011, Michael was placed under house arrest pending a new trial, which took place in 2017. He filed a plea of guilty for Alford—a plea of guilty that allowed him to declare his innocence, while admitting there was sufficient evidence to find him guilty beyond reasonable doubt. . He was sentenced to 86 months in prison. However, since he had already served 98.5 months, he was not put in jail again.

As of 2022, Michael is 78 years old and he is a free man. It’s unclear if Todd ever called the police and explained the theory that his father was a serial killer.

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