Joker has become one of the movies of the moment and is full of iconic moments that we will see repeated over and over again in the coming weeks, and more now that Halloween is coming.

The nervous laugh of Arthur Fleck will be imitated by many, not to mention his costumes and face painting that I will surely see next October 31 through many places.

But if there is something that will not wait for Halloween, it is the fervor that has awakened the stairs where the prota of the Todd Phillips tape celebrates its transformation. They have already become a place of pilgrimage for Instagramers who, since they have discovered that it is not a decoration but a real space, seek to photograph it and go down them as if they had also experienced a change like theirs.

The fact is that these stairs are in the New York Bronx and are quite hidden, they are one of the secrets of the neighborhood, as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a congressman who represents this part of the district, told.

It is a staircase that usually becomes a meeting place for rappers and skaters. Well known is the passion that the neighborhood feels for hip hop. So yes, we can say that Arthur Fleck is not the first nor will he be the last to come down dancing for them.

The fact is that this congresswoman has asked that, please, stop using this space as a background for many videos and photographs that are flooding social networks. They don’t want that kind of invasion in the neighborhood.

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“The Bronx is much safer now, but I think many of us feel like‘ keep your Instagram post out of Boogie Down. This is for us, ’” he declared in TMZ.

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Although it is a public place, the neighbors have assumed the existence of these stairs as their own and do not want to share it. “We must own it. We cannot let anyone take that away from us, ”added the congresswoman.


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