Stadia now lets you message your friends


Google Stadia is rolling out a new feature allowing users to message their friends

Google’s Stadia game streaming service is officially adding support for messaging, the service announced. Messages can be sent to your party members (with whom you could previously voice chat), as well as other players in general.

In parallel, the service also announced support for sharing screenshots and video clips on the web by sending links, and is adding more information to Stadia profiles. Although these are all fairly basic features, they are a standard part of most online gaming services and it’s good to see Stadia finally implement them.

Stadia adds messaging feature

Stadia notes that its messaging feature also includes support for smart replies, which prevents users from typing full messages with a gamepad. According to tweets posted by Stadia Product Manager Mario Anima, messaging is currently being rolled out in all countries where Stadia is available: Italy, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway , Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom and United States. At least one Reddit user has already seen the posting in Italy.

Stadia user profiles are also being updated as part of the changes. The service notes that profiles will now include information about the games you own, your friends list, and whether you are online. Profile shortcuts will also allow players to invite each other to parties. Family Sharing has now officially launched as well after it started rolling out earlier this month.

Somagnews informs you that Google’s game streaming service launched almost a year ago with a decidedly mixed response. But admittedly, Google has continued to release updates for the service over the past year. New features include 4K webcasting, USB-C headphone support via the Stadia controller, as well as a test that saw the service allow game streaming over mobile data.

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