Stack Overflow gets dark mode support


Stack Overflow is known as one of the most important websites that provide information sharing among developers. The site with code shares and various educational titles appeals to a very large community. The end of a long wait on the site, which takes the dark mode feature as beta.

Stack Overflow, which is used for question-answer in the software field, gained dark mode support with a change. The time-varying design approach resulted in this feature being available in most services we use. The feature, which you can see in almost all of the popular applications, is also available as an option on the websites. The feature to save battery and reduce eye strain is quite common in devices with AMOLED display.

Stack Overflow finally got dark mode support!
In the article published from Stack Overflow official blog, it was detailed that users can optionally use the dark mode feature. To use the feature, the user has to log in, by activating the dark theme through the account settings, he can use this feature in the beta process. According to the results, this feature can be developed for all visitors to use.

Ben Popper, one of the developers of the site, pointed out Wednesday for new comments on the feature. There are more than 40,000 questions in the question and answer section of the technical part of the site, among which was the time when dark mode support would come first. With the announcement made, users got support for dark themes.


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